Frequently Asked Questions

Counselling is a collaborative process between a psychotherapist and a client which involves exploration and resolution of any personal problems concerning the client in a confidential and a non-judgemental setting. Lean On Therapy offers a platform to speak to a qualified psychotherapist who is a skilled listener trained in humanistic approaches.

Counselling offers the opportunity to identify one’s strengths, understand ways of thinking and learn new techniques to manage emotional problems effectively. Sometimes professional support is needed to identify and amend factors blocking people from living their best lives. Counselling facilitates people in learning new ways of responding to internal and external pressures in  a way that is easily applicable in real life. 

No, we do not prescribe any medication. Counselling and psychotherapy is a talk-based therapy used to manage mental health issues. Only a qualified medical doctor can prescribe mood-altering medications to help manage symptoms of mental illnesses. If you are under any medication and should you choose to access our counselling services, we recommend that you inform us about your condition.

At Lean On Therapy, we firmly believe that everyone deserves access to quality mental health support. We offer our services to people with all identities and abilities. To make our services more accessible to you or to someone you know, please write to us at and we will do everything we can to serve you.

Individual Therapy: The first session is devoted to assessing the nature of your concerns and to determine the best method to address them. After the initial evaluation, short term counseling lasting from 6–12 weeks is provided for specific and situational problems. Our sessions take place for 50 minutes per week at a fixed time for a defined period. An extended time frame is mutually decided after a discussion with the client for issues that may take longer to address. 

Group Therapy: These are opened with limited booking to address specific group issues. Each group consists between 8-10 members and a qualified therapist who meet weekly for 50 minutes for 10 weeks. The initial session is spent on group introduction and setting group rules, followed by sharing sessions for 8 weeks. The final session is used for evaluation and conclusion of the group. 

All our sessions are conducted online through video-calling. Some concerns are best addressed through a referral to an outside facility. When clients require services that are beyond the scope of LOT, we will make referrals to other resources. 

You can schedule an appointment using our contact form or email us at In your message, please include days and times when you are available to meet. We will respond to your e-mail to confirm a date and time for an initial appointment.  A counselor will speak with you to assess the nature of your concerns and help you in determining the right service for your needs.

Our standard price for individual therapy session is INR 700 per session that lasts for 50 minutes. Group sessions are priced at INR 200 per person for 50 minutes. At Lean On Therapy, we strive to make counselling accessible to everyone and therefore also offer pay-as-you want service to those in need. For information and inquiries related to employee assistance program, please drop an email at

You can gift a therapy bundle of six individual counselling sessions for INR 4,200.  If interested, please drop an email at and we will send you the code that can be used for gifting.

You can donate towards a therapy bundle of six individual counselling sessions for INR 4,200. We will use your donations to open up free slots for those in need. To make our services more accessible, we dedicate one day of the week to offer a pay-as-you-want service where clients can pay anything they can afford, no questions asked. However, this day gets booked quickly and therefore we need your help in opening up more slots for those who cannot afford to pay.  If interested, please drop an email at