Hey there! I am Pratika, a qualified Person-Centered Psychotherapist currently living in India. Regardless of where I am, my focus is simple: to provide mental health support to people navigating through difficult life situations and to facilitate them in their journey of self-exploration. Here at Lean On Therapy, I share useful information about mental health and offer professional counselling to those in need.

I know from my experience of working with individuals and families that sometimes people feel stuck due to unexpected life challenges, overbearing thoughts and complicated emotions. Although it may seem impossible to overcome them, I strongly believe that human beings have an innate tendency to pursue one’s full potential and overcome the challenges they are faced with.  Psychotherapy allows individuals to feel supported in their journey of overcoming mental and emotional blockage. With this belief, I started Lean On Therapy, which is a safe space for individuals to explore, question and make sense of their thoughts, emotions and identities to be able to embrace their truest self.

My Passion


In 2015, I began my journey as a social worker and ever since I’ve worked with individuals and families on various social issues. My interest in becoming a psychotherapist began when I started working with child survivors of sexual abuse. I was granted the opportunity to get an insight into the inner world of children and families I worked with. While I witnessed the challenges people went through after experiencing severe trauma, I also witnessed their journey towards healing and self-acceptance with the right support. It was then that I knew I wanted to do more. I wanted to support those experiencing emotional pain and help them to heal. With this motivation, I went on to pursue a master’s in Counselling and Psychotherapy at Keele University. In my education, I gained a deeper insight into mental health needs of people, the stigma surrounding it and the importance of increasing accessibility to it.

There is sufficient evidence to prove the efficacy of counselling and psychotherapy to help manage a wide range of mental health issues. I witnessed the effectiveness of therapy first hand when I signed up for one. In a really long time, I felt understood. I was able to draw emotional nourishment from the safe space I was offered and I came out of therapy stronger. The process helped me to bring a meaningful change in my perspective towards life. Through Lean On Therapy, I want to extend this safe space to more people. I am passionate about supporting people experiencing mental turmoil and advocating for expansion of such services through education and creative action. I know that I cannot be a warrior for everyone but I am hopeful that my efforts will help in increasing accessibility to quality mental health support for the masses.

My Expertise

I offer specialized intervention in the following areas: 

• Abuse (Emotional, Mental, Physical, Sexual)

• Anger management

• Anxiety  

• Bereavement and loss

• Depression Trauma

• Low self esteem and confidence

• Personal Growth

• Relationships

• Stress

• Trauma