Psychotherapy For Individuals, Couples & Groups

Pratika Upadhyay

Msc. in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Hey there! I am Pratika, a qualified Person-Centered Psychotherapist currently living in India. Regardless of where I am, my focus is simple: to provide mental health support to people navigating through difficult life situations and to facilitate them in their journey of self-exploration. Here at Lean On Therapy, I share useful information about mental health and offer professional counselling to those in need. 


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Individual Counselling

A supportive & confidential space to work through life challenges, thoughts and feelings in a one-on-one setting.


Group Counselling

An issue focused group with 8-10 members, facilitated by a therapist to work through members' thoughts and emotions.


Employee Assistance

Corporate collaboration to support employees facing personal and/or work-related problems through focused short term counselling.